Tuesday, October 2, 2012


National General Strike Against Method Workers!

The system of capitalism all over the world are currently experiencing a fairly deep crisis, the crisis is not only attacking on the surface of the system but also strike at the heart of the system, which is ACCUMULATED CAPITAL! Not only attacks on the capital expansion but also has attacked the countries of the capitalist system is the heart of Europe and the United States, countries that had been a symbol of the success myth of capitalism as the only economic system that can survive and prosper the people of the world one by one must enter the operating table due to the economic bleeding pretty badly but rescue efforts to date have not been able to save the capitalist system from its demise hole even increasingly apparent path of destruction for the system.

Foreign Debt
Gross Domestic Income
ratio Debt
Debt Capita
US$ 14,959 trillion
US$ 15,04 trillion
US$ 47.664.
US$ 2,494 trillion
US$ 1,826 trillion
US$ 40.724.
US$ 1,283 trillion
US$ 917,7 million
US$ 58.322.
US$ 2,392 trillion
US$ 1,411 trillion
US$ 50.868.
US$ 5,63 trillion
US$ 2,21 trillion
US$ 85.824.
Source: detik.com, sept. 14th 2012

Globalization political economy of capitalism as a way of being, allowing the market to build a way to channel the welfare of the people without the intervention of the state a few years ago was heralded as the only way to prosperity for the world community. Globalization Practice capital turned out to accelerate world economic crisis and poverty memasalkan people of the world, only accumulate wealth to a handful of people who become capitalists and corrupt bureaucrats. When the economic crisis hit countries pekerjanyalah the people who bear the burden of the obligation imposed greed of the owners of capital through economic austerity program to cut even abolish welfare that still earned its people, and working people in countries of Europe, America and even Korea against deprivation of well-being with the strike and mass action heart of the power.
The crisis of capital in Europe and the United States deteriorated to the system of capitalism, but the regime of SBY-Boediono Indonesia turned out to vote for an alternative supply of capital accumulation through market liberalization programs and investment in Indonesia. Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development (MP3EI) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) is not a genuine program for the welfare of the people, but meant to serve the interests of capital accumulation with mengkapling republican areas and distributed to the investors. MP3EI and KEK is the way of development by relying on private capital investment and put the national productive resources (natural resources and labor) as a cash cow for profit-maximizing investors, the existence of PT Freeeport decades in Papua is a clear example of exploitation practices capital, which leaves only the destruction of nature and poverty to the people.
Politics low wages has been practiced in Indonesia since the new order to the SBY-Boediono current, low wages serve as the primary offer to investors to invest in Indonesia. Competition among capitalists class is an inherent part of capitalism intact on the system, the winner of the competition will receive accumulated profits and expanding market but investors who failed to compete going out of business, in order to win this competition then investors will compete to find areas that can provide material cheaper raw materials and cheap labor (low wages), so that low wages are part liberated the iron law of capitalism.
System of contract labor and outsourcing is the innovation of the capitalist system to enhance the ability of investors to win the competition, investors are able to build the most flexible production systems (term SBY: Flexible) to be able to win the competition and dominate the market because of the flexibility of production will result in reduced production costs (labor costs to be fixed and not have to back up the cost of severance and retired workers) and a decreased risk of investment demand and labor strikes. As long as the capitalist system into a system of the world economy and the flexibility of production (including labor market flexibility) would become a weapon to accumulate profits despite going to sacrifice and impoverish millions of workers and their families.
Third world governments that believe in amulets "foreign investment as an engine of development" and then race change state policy and serves the most efficient and flexible to the investors, including the State Government of Indonesia. SBY-Boediono is currently performing with stout as the main defender of the interests of capital in Indonesia, despite the millions of workers claim to reject low wage, outsourcing and contract labor but as of SBY-Boediono regime remain on the system that has proven devastating to millions of Indonesian workers.
Destruction of future workers and their families because the policy contract system and outsourcing work subsequently compounded by omission simultaneously by supervisory personnel to manpower Manpower districts / cities against violations committed by employers about wages and working system PKWT, this omission is due to graft made by the employer to the employee manpower, but until now the Commission to the State Attorney never seriously uncover bribery that have sacrificed the future of millions of workers in Indonesia.
Since the passage of Act No. 13 of 2003 to the present time have been millions of Indonesian workers struggling against contract labor and outsourcing practices contrary to the Act but always hit a wall power financiers and corrupt bureaucratic supervisors and employees often become victims in the enforcement of labor laws these laws. Indonesia struggles of the workers patience finally entered the new quality as practiced by the labor movement in Bekasi district and some other areas, and the Solidarity labor strike regardless of the method of choice battle flag replaces hope in the State, and proved that in recent months the fighting methods practiced tens of thousands of workers from hundreds of companies have successfully fought to keep workers free from the uncertainty of employment (internship, casual, contract system and outsourcing). Strikes and Solidarity labor irrespective of the flag telahterbukti be a powerful weapon to fight for the rights and now it has become a major grip in the struggle of the workers, but there are millions of other workers at thousands of companies in Indonesia are still experiencing labor contract system and outsourcing illegal, it is the right call national strike conducted by the Council of labor workers Indonesia (MPBI) as a measure of national workers' struggle. Let state law trampled by the union of the workers' struggle employers rose enforce law and enforce the human rights of workers.
Three-quarter money with the situation experienced by the workers at this time was also experienced by the peasantry, a promise to carry out agrarian reform was only False Promise, SBY-Boediono regime even direct control of land in the land market mechanism and put on a very extensive land holdings to the estates mining and land grabbing even let the people by private companies and even in many cases PTPN State violence to the people whose land is confiscated. Fishermen Indonesia also experienced a similar situation, the traditional fishermen were eliminated by the fishing company, without the protection of the State. Traditional markets are also people getting knocked out by the modern market, millions of merchants must earn a living from the remnants of booty taken by the company of the modern market. Liberalization of education resulting in high cost of education is also increasing in intensity, education should be the social capital of the people has become a commodity traded. SBY-Boediono regime also continues to terrorize the people of Indonesia and will raise the price of electricity and fuel in 2013, even PT Indonesian Railways will also conduct a rate increase on 1 October 2012, it is clear these things is not merely a matter of state financial capability (Bank Indonesia because it lends U.S. $ 1 billion to the IMF) but it is done to smooth the control of private capital in the strategic areas of electricity markets, market fuel rail transport market etc..
Expect State, SBY-Boediono regime, to safeguard the welfare of the people of Indonesia and has been PROVEN FAILED, and expect change through democratic mechanisms has also been PROVEN FAILED elite, it's time to fight alongside PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE in his way. Assertive demands of the workers about the abolition of the contract labor, outsourcing and cheap wages politics has been duly supported by the people of fishermen, traditional merchants, students, and other people, and it was time solidarity of the workers will also support the demands of the struggle of the farmers, fishermen, traders Traditionally, students, and other people. National General Strike to support the demands of the workers' struggle at this time we must make as HOW PEOPLE STRIVE.

We hereby declare attitude :
1.      Indonesia supports Tuntukan Labour Movement for the Elimination System Work Contracts and Outsourcing, and Wage Politics Against Cheap and support and get involved in the national strike plan which will be held on October 3, 2012 to complete.
2.      Call on the People's Farmers, Fishermen People, the Poor Cities, Students and Youth for supporting the demands of the struggle of the workers of Indonesia and involved in National Strike to End October 3, 2012 and the Making of National Strike NATIONAL Such a general strike against the system of capitalism and the regime of serving the capital .
3.      Capitalism system has virtually impoverish the majority of the people in the world, and enrich a few people who became Financier, Indonesia Unity Struggle Struggling to destroy this system and build a new system with hundreds of millions of human around the world.
4.      SBY-Boediono regime has been proven as a servant of the equity interests in Indonesia, poverty and suffering of the people only considered statistics. Unity Struggle Struggling To topple SBY-Boediono regime and establish the Indonesian Government is subject to the will of the People.

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