Monday, November 19, 2012


A number of students in the name of "Indonesian Student Union" (SMI) rallied simultaneously in every city all over Indonesia. Their action relating to the International Students Day commemoration falls on this day, Saturday (17/11). 

In the speech, which echoed some of the demands of the demonstrators refused including capitalization and liberalization of education. Because, if education is thrown into the education market's like commodities and students-students are as costumers investors."We reject education as a commodity and made us reject capitalization and liberalization of education," shouted one protester as speech, in the roundabout in Central Jakarta.Monitoring PedomanNEWS field, students from several campuses such, BSI Ciledug, Unindra, BSI Cawang 45, UMT, Trisakti, and began to gather Unis roundabout at around. 14.00 pm.With a convoy of security forces, they gave speeches and handed out leaflets paper. It said customer, they say, because to be able to access the education they are required to buy educational services.Then, to extend education, they have to pay the fees and credits each semester. If not, a threat to drop out of school was in front of the eye."The higher education will be pursued, the more expensive the commodity education," they say.For that, they claim that the Government is to intervene. They urged the government to repeal the Act No.20 of 2003 on the Education, repeal Act 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education, Realizing Educational Fee 100% unconditionally."Give me the freedom of expression, opinion, association, and eliminate castenization and education and reject RSBI (Plan International School," he said.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Crisis of Capitalism and the Waves struggling as Student
Like a spider web, capitalism ensnare all sectors of public life and then loot and suck. Therefore, the development of capitalism not only dwell on the manufacturing industry alone but in service industries, including education services. The crisis of capitalism in the Americas and Europe raced to the continent of Africa and Asia to transmit the virus. Capitalism has ruined and destroyed education all over the world. Capitalism crisis rescue attempt by education budget cuts and rising costs of education have been enemies for students. Even had enough too long learners-students made ​​"customers" for the benefit of the owners of capital.
In the heading International Students Day which falls on November 17, a wave of resistance to the capitalization of education conducted simultaneously around the world. In England, students protested in a rally displaying large posters with the inscription on the bridge Milenim average student debt in educational institutions sebsar 25 thousand euoro. Sementra 3145 euoro students must pay more each year. Not to mention their families must bear a huge debt due to subsidy cuts in other areas. So Britain is impossible for students to pay tuition fees for it.
In Croatia as many as 1,500 students protested the demand "Free Education" at the university. While the action in the other cities dropped by 500 students demanding the same thing, namely free education. The action was also wearing a banner with the words "one world - one struggle, education is not for sale", in addition to demanding free education, they also demanded that the knowledge is not a commodity, remove neoliberalism in college, the budget for education and not for war, etc. .
While in Germany carries demonstrations reversing the international day against the commercialization of education. This was done in two places, namely in Mannheim with 600 Dusseldrof demonstrators and some 300 demonstrators. Meanwhile in Bulgaria also carrying the same issue with the German by displaying banners. While in Turkey wave of protests brought the issue of commercialization and privatization of education. Resistance istambul students do in town with masses of 500 people and in 50 other cities, involving 150 students. In the Netherlands only did the protests in the city of Amsterdam by displaying banners.
In Indonesia, the students in the organization "Indonesian Student Union (SMI)" was participating in an insurgency against the capitalization of education. In Jakarta SMI staged in front of the House of Representatives to demand free education, scientific, democratic and populist vision. Actions were also conducted by SMI Branch Tangerang, Bekasi, Medan, Lampung-Pringsewu, Semarang, Pekalongan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Mataram, Bima, Dompu, Napier, Luwuk and Ternate.
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