Monday, October 15, 2012

Indonesian Student Union demanded Higher Education Act (UU PT) Revoked

SEMARANG, Dozens of students in the Indonesian Student Union (SMI) Semarang City, Monday (15/10) afternoon on the streets doing demonstrations demanding the removal of the Higher Education Act (UU PT). Street demonstrations held in front of the former hero fountain.
Students assess Act passed in July 13, 2012 and by the House of Representatives Commission X is anti to the interests of the people. In it, UU PT set the relevant rules of the college and the type of governance that allowed colleges established in Indonesia.
They do a theatrical action by dressing cardboard robot, while doing speeches and shout student yells. There were carrying banners and posters reading "We Are Students, Not Customers."

One-on-one student Kuswanto said the new law was passed was a catastrophe for the people of Indonesia, so it must be repealed. These demonstrations, he added, is also a form of resistance against capitalist education.

Student union also called for unity element of the people's movement. "The law will limit the children of farmers, workers, and poor people get an education, especially to get to college," he said.
This action could make the flow of vehicles on the road Heroes of stalled, because the driver reduces the speed of the vehicle. However, police officers directing traffic immediately so smoothly.


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