Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tolak Pengesahan RUU Pengadaan Tanah Untuk Pembangunan “Undang-Undang Perampasan Tanah”

Usulan untuk membentuk RUU Pengadaan Tanah untuk Pembangunan oleh Presiden SBY pada tanggal 15 Desember 2010 melalui Amanat Presiden No. R-98/Pres/12/2010, telah membuktikan bahwa SBY merupakan rezim borjuasi yang selalu berpihak kepada para pemilik modal. Sebab usulan tersebut (dari Presiden SBY) sesuai dengan hasil-hasil rekomendasi dari National Summit (rembuk nasional) 2009, jelas menguntungkan bagi para pengusaha (investor)!.

Indonesian student protests Sultan Agung Islamic University Semarang City, demanding freedom of talk, expression, organization & free education in Indonesia.

Hundreds of students from the Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA) came to the Central Java Regional Police Office next to the parliament building in the city of Semarang, Tuesday (12/13/2011). They rallied demanding the police to apologize for the crackdown on student activists UNISSULA, when the action Anti-corruption Day World on 9 December. The action is the aftermath of a number of police officers suspected of committing acts of violence against students rpresifitas & UNISSULA, among others (Habib Hidayat, Tefur Rohman, Ali Subkhan, Khoirul Anwar, and Kiwil).
According UNISSULA student version, at the time will go towards the Office of Central Java DPRD they confronted the police who then disperse these rallies. The event coincided with the arrival of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono opened the Anti-Corruption Day in the Great Mosque, Semarang, Central Java. The arrival of the President in Semarang City requires security forces to sterilize a number of locations, such as the Office of the Parliament of Central Java, which became the location of student protests.
In today's demonstration, the students shouted that the police are represented Kaploda Central Java, apologized for the incident of violence. The demonstrators who were doing the action also criticized the government's performance and leadership of the state of SBY-BD and the bourgeoisie's political elites have failed to guarantee freedom of opinion, expression, association and free education in Indonesia.
At the end of the demonstration is being done by students UNISSULA and after a few representatives of the mass action after negotiating with several police officers, so that the action taken has been getting a response from the local government and police that they finally apologized for the treatment of police repression against students and they also accept the demands of mass action on freedom of expression in public and free education for all.

By : Harir 
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