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Global Week Action For Education


17th NOVEMBER 2011


Education Not For Sale !!!
Free Education For Everyone !!!
~One world – One Struggle~

Every country that used capitalism system for their base of principle economical and political was failed. Capitalism crisis that still raged until now showed that capitalism system was broken, decrepit and it was suffering people all around the world by stimulated money and decreased estimate.
After the failed of direction stimulated money and decreased estimate, Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merker said that solution of the crisis in Europe was not yet founding. So, there is no ways to exit the capitalism crisis except leaves that system! One of the practiced decreased estimate is cutting a lots of the subsidy for education. The consequence of cutting this subsidy are expensively education fee and closed people authority to get an education.
Education is human right. Education is public service without exception, but the capitalism was changing the public service to public serve that based of profit oriented. So, in this world student movement was showed their consistency to resisted capitalization of education and demand free for education, scientific democracy and vision of people.

Regime SBY And The Elite Politics Of Capitalism Henchman.
The consequence from Indonesia commit to be a member of  WTO (World Trade Organization) since 1994 was followed to signature GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services). Than in December, 2005 Indonesia was signature GATS that organizing the trade liberalization in 12 sector. Where is that treaty considered that education is one of public service sector that must to privatization. Liberalization ways is same with capitalism economic logic by used education as a commodity.
To realized education capitalism, government and the elite politics bourgeoisie Was Legal Law no. 20 about National Education System in 2003 (UU SISDIKNAS) as evidence of the government leaves their responsibility to do the national education. Than government and elite politics bourgeoisie will liberated the perfect education in Legal Law no.9, 2009 about body Corporate Of Education (UU BHP). At least by the struggle student and people movement that resist capitalization of education can putting out the (UU BHP) by decision letter court of constitution no. 11-14-21-126-136/PUU-VII/2009 At march 13, 2010
The fact is SBY-Boediono regime and elite politic bourgeoisie nonstop to liberated national education totally. They don’t gives legal law for free education, scientific democracy, and vision people, but the contrast they propaganda the legal law capitalism education is Plan Legal Law University (RUU PT). This totally will treated people authority to education.
The fact is SBY - Boediono regime and elite politic bourgeoisie nonstop to liberated national education totally. They don’t gives legal law for free education, scientific democracy, and vision people, but the contrast they propaganda the legal law capitalism education is Plan Legal Law University (RUU PT). this totally will treated people authority to education.

And the others law that closed access authority of the people for education, there is :
Cheap Fee Politics Layoff Impacted To Education Access
The problems of laborer class is financial lease work and laborer market flexibility so impacted to laborer prosperous. This system will measured the authority of laborer and risk to get a uni-layoff. In 2011, every month in Indonesia 18.000 laborers are manufacture and lost their jobs. In other ways the labors that still work received a cheap fee there is about 70% people with income 2US$/day, it lower than laborer fee in South East Asian.
The other laborer problem is about social surety, furlough from the work, overtime fee and separation pay that almost was not given to the laborers. The other problem is about the labor department that not author to labors interest. Industry Connection Court (PHI) as place where the labors get their justice was controlled by bourgeoisie. It looks by a lots of cases bourgeoisie entrepreneur greasing the palm to public prosecutor. Regime bourgeoisie will revision Legal Law Worked no. 13, 2003 that pro to bourgeoisie class. The minimize of prosperous and fee for the laborers with layoff actually impacted to the access forget study.

People Who Have Not Land For Living Were Impact The Access For Education
The escalation violence to farmers in Indonesia was comparable with land expansion for the bourgeoisie or government. Land conflict in this country is not the new problem. Since the new order government there is a thousand case by land conflict with a violence by apparatus government. It based on the new order government are stagnant legal law primary agrarian 1960. The given land practice in Indonesia still had a lots of problems.
In data showed that along of year 2010 there is 106 case agrarian conflict in every state of Indonesia. The extensive in case is 535.197 ha with 517.159 head-family conflicted. Agrarian conflict in the started year 2011 was caused 11 formers dead, 44 people was injured, 7 people was jailed, and a hundred houses and farm are broking by them.  the position of people that not safety for their authority of land, the mechanism to free land that coercion, and the manipulated means of “public important”, are the blacklist of government in organizing and given land, because the people is the victims. Irony, violence doing by apparatus government (soldier and police) to farmers that commanded by bourgeoisie class. So, the people who lost their land will closed access to education, because land, a source for a life, was carried away.

Education Under The Capitalism System as The Ideological Bourgeoisie Class
Bourgeoisie class with their capitalism trend have an interest in national education world. The education institution used as transformer interests bourgeoisie class. The ideological used by bourgeoisie class is make a silent tradition. Poulo Freire said that silent tradition is condition where’s the people obediently to the arbiters made people cannot ask their position and least received the condition fatalistic.
Than the education as a ideological bourgeoisie class room had organized nationality education paradigm. Education are planned for strongly system of capitalism and rightly bad practice for the seize. It will estrange the student to their environment, human reality, and their society condition.
Bourgeoisie illusion that be a magnetic in academician is an entrepreneurship curriculum. It was a strategic to do the accumulated process. It also as a provide a cover for incapacity of bourgeoisie regime to make a work field. In other ways, education only make an industry robots that cheap to production the capitalism product. We can see, a lots of the graduation student was support that regime and weak less people.
Struggle Of International Student To Resist Capitalization Of Education
A common objective situation of nationality education in not different with the others country. Education that liberated by capitalism system created the education as a commodity. Not only in Indonesia but also in other country resist happen to capitalization of education.
A lots of student struggle, there was a student struggle in Colombia and Yunani that commit fail together with teacher and staff in program to protest the education legal law that opened the university that received private investor. Chili’s student was turn dawn in the road to demand a free education. And than there is about 100 students are sitting in the prime hall gymnasium and slept in Bremen (Germany) to protest cutting estimate in education sector and struggle to democratic education in their school. Police catching 17 student of Jagannath University in the demo long march in Dhaka (Bangladesh) protested government rules about university money. There is 20.000 students, teachers, and staff are turn down in the road of Filipina to demonstration about cutting estimate of education and public service. Teacher of common education union’s in Spanyol protested to cutting estimate that will be made increase the timework for the settled teacher and protested to stoppage honorarium and financial lease teacher. So, at November 17,2011 as a momentum of international student struggle to be an important for student movement in Indonesia, included Serikat Mahasiswa Indonesia (SMI) or Indonesian Student Union to national or international struggled to resist capitalism system that make a national and international education was profit oriented.

That why, we, Serikat Mahasiswa Indonesia (SMI) or Indonesian Student Union as a massa student organization declared political attitude distinctly, demanded to nation to quickly :
1.      1. Put off the legal law no.20 about national education system in 2003.
2.      2. Not legitimizing RUU PT.
3.      3. Realized free education, scientific, democratic and visionary the people.

Solution :
1.      1. Do Land Reform.
2.      2. Nationalization the vital assets in under of citizen controlled.
3.      3. Builds a national industrialization vision people.

      slogans :
1. Put off the legal law no.20 about national education system in 2003.
2.      2. Not legitimizing RUU PT.
3.      3. Realized free education, scientific, democratic and visionary the people.
      4. Resist Capitalization Of Education.
2.      5. Education Not For Sale.
3.      6. Free Education For Everyone.


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