Monday, November 14, 2011

Indonesia - November 17th Education Protest Rallies in 13 cities

The increasing privatisation and commercialisation of education is also a big problem for people in Indonesia. In the context of the "Global Weeks of Action for Education" activists organised in the Indonesian Student Union (SMI) call for rallies in 13 cities on November 17th.

Various activities in the context of the GWA are being arranged as this email tells us:
GWA Report in Indonesia

In GWA activities in Indonesia, we involve outside elements such as student unions, the Youth Organization and the Organization of the Poor and the City Campus Level in 20 cities in Indonesia;
1. Jakarta
2. Tangerang
3. Bekasi
4. Pekalongan
5. Semarang
6. Yogyakarta
7. Solo
8. Luwuk
9. Macassar
10. Ternate
11. Surabaya
12. Kadiri
13. Lamongan
14. Mataram
15. Bima
16. Lampung
17. Field
18. Bengkulu
19. Pringsewu
20. Poor

Unions involved in the GWA in Indonesia:
1. Workers Struggle Federation of Greater Jakarta
2. Railway Workers Union Greater Jakarta
3. Indonesian Trade Union Movement
4. Unity of Youth Organizations Struggle

The series of GWA Activities Activities in Indonesia:
1. Holding meetings to disseminate and consolidate the various organizations for GWA activities in Indonesia.
2. October 20: coincide with the two-year leadership of the government anti-people in Indonesia staged a demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace. It poses Workers Union, the Organization of Students, Student Union and Youth Organization Indonesia. (Details on the next report)
3. Simultaneous action on 28 October, coinciding with the day oath youth in Indonesia. Action is a series of pre-conditions to the GWA. Actions carried out in Jakarta, Pekalongan, Luwuk and Yogyakarta. (Details on the next report)
4. November 1, involved in the trade unions demanding higher wages.
5. November 3: chatting together to discuss the Union and the Joint Statmen chat that will be proposed International
6. On 8 November will make chatting together in Indonesia to check the readiness of GWA and request precondition to the activity report and the dissemination of GWA International chat tanggla 6 November.
7. Publishing leaflets and symbol - a symbol of the ISM at various campuses in 20 cities and various organaisasi outside students.
8. Public discussion of the theme "Free Education" in Jogjakarta
9. Date 10: Student demonstration in the city of Surabaya and a press conference in Jakarta
10. Culture Night will be held on November 16, 2011.
11. On 17 demonstration of simultaneous 13 cities in Indonesia
12. November 20: Closure of GWA event in Indonesia and the network meeting in Indonesia (venue and agenda for the meeting are still under discussion).
Responsible for GWA in Indonesia:
Acril Prasetyo

spokesperson for the national level
Azmir Zahara, Acril Prasetyo

National Network
Soli Irmanto, Ardiansyah

Solidarity greetings

cril Prasetyo

Mobile Phone: 081285859882
Facebook: Acril Prasetyo
Twitter: _tutrtinular_

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