Tuesday, January 31, 2012

College Bill (RUU PT) Threat in Indonesia

 Seeing how the contradictory spirit of the government to promotenational education in Indonesia. Significantly, the governmentrepresented by the Ministry of National Education and culturehave been injuring the spirit of founding fathers. Dream to liberateIndonesia from ignorance, poverty, and underdevelopment hadvanished. The desire to apply the College Bill is tearing the spirit of the Constitution (especially the desire of the nation) and injuredthe noble ideals of the founders of the nation and hurt the people of Indonesia.

 College Laws will not reflect the spirit of advancing education.Most of the chapters in it only regulates the management ofcampus alone and marginalize the competitiveness of the qualityof education in Indonesia. The government does not seem tolearn the failure of BHP laws (Legal Education) who hadprotested the community. Naturally, if there is public suspicion of the presence of College bill will be passed into law PT only "trace" BHP Laws with a bit of "entertainment" cliche here and there.

 In the midst of squalor majority co
mmunity, the high cost ofeducation would be a real threat. If the College Bill was passed, not imagined how much power arrogant university authorities (rector and his staff) in raising the cost of education.Sadly, the public will be increasingly difficult to feel the sweetness of college. This condition would not be allowed, as anintellectual-academic student and the matter of education should not remain silent much less resigned to the situation. Not onlyexcuse jeopardize their own future, but also threatens the future of generations to come. Now is the right to reject the college bill momentum  which will be ratified in March 2012.

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